Undergraduate Admissions

Division of Undergraduate Studies

The Division of Undergraduate Studies is for students who are unsure of their intended major or who are considering majors in more than one academic college.

With more than 160 majors to explore, finding one that suits you can be challenging. Therefore, Penn State offers you the opportunity to research academic opportunities in more than one college by enrolling in DUS. For example, if you are interested in majors in both the College of Science and the College of Education, you could enroll in DUS to examine various programs in each before you decide on the one that's best for you. Once you choose a particular college or program, you can move from DUS into your new college or major as soon as you meet the academic requirements to do so.

In particular, students in DUS have access to:

  • Online exploratory tools and resources at the Division of Undergraduate Studies Current Student site;
  • Specially trained academic advisers to help students explore and navigate the University;
  • DISCOVER House, an on-campus, living-learning opportunity for students who wish to explore more than one academic option before deciding on a major.

For more information, please visit the Division of Undergraduate Studies.