Undergraduate Admissions

Academic Colleges

Academic colleges at Penn State grant our degrees and are generally organized around their subject matter.

Students interested in choosing between majors in a single college, like the College of Communications, for example, should enroll in that college and use the help of an adviser there to decide on a major.

Students interested in exploring a variety of majors spanning different colleges should consider enrolling in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, where they will work with advisers who will keep them on track toward academic progress while they investigate different majors.

Twelve academic colleges offer degrees at the University Park campus: 

View majors available from each academic college.

Students interested in majors in these colleges can (with a few exceptions) start their education at any Penn State campus and then transition to University Park following their sophomore year.

The six remaining Penn State colleges, located throughout the state, offer majors that are typically completed at campuses other than University Park. These are:

Students interested in majors offered by these colleges may usually start at one campus and finish at another through the 2+2 plan, or stay at one campus for all four years if their campus of choice offers the major they want.