Undergraduate Admissions

Electronic Partners - For School Counselors

Electronic Partners are schools that work with Penn State Undergraduate Admissions to send and receive information through the Web Counselor System, a free service that allows schools to view and submit student credentials securely online. The system also provides counselors with up-to-date information on the status of their students' applications.

Schools must become Electronic Partners with Penn State in order to access the Web Counselor System.

Services Include:

  • a list of all applicants to Penn State from a particular school;
  • each applicant's current status;
  • online submission of the school counselor information page from the Web application;
  • free electronic transmittal of student transcripts via a dedicated fax line (transcripts are received as electronic images);
  • submission of graduation verification.

Electronic submission of credentials and faxing transcripts apply only to full electronic partners and for the students who complete web applications.

Who is the Primary Contact person and for what is he/she responsible?

The Primary Contact is the point person for the school and the person with whom we will communicate. The Primary Contact can be anyone the school designates, regardless of title or position. However, if the school has elected to become a full electronic partner, this person's responsibilities will include the authority to establish and to verify the school's grading profile that will be used to evaluate applicants from your school. The Primary Contact person also reviews the electronic profile annually.

The Primary Contact person is also responsible for submitting names and email addresses of other staff who need access to the Web Counselor System, if any. The Primary Contact should keep in contact with the local campus admissions officer or admissions representative for the school's geographic region to troubleshoot, to train staff, and to provide feedback on the system.

Do counselors need a User ID and Password?

Each counselor or staff member who uses the Web Counselor is required to establish a Friends of Penn State account. After a school becomes an Electronic Partner, the Primary Contact person is authorized to grant access for other staff to create accounts. A temporary access account and a code are sent via e-mail to each newly added staff member giving them access to create an account and to establish a password and a secret question. This information is completely confidential and secure.

What procedure will counselors follow to complete a student's application?

After logging into the site, counselors will only see links relative to information based on their level of participation in the Web Counselor System.

  • The "Web Applicants" link provides a list of all applicants who have completed a Web application. This interactive list is used to complete the online counselor form.
  • The "Paper Applicants" link provides a list of all applicants who have submitted paper applications. This is not an interactive list, but can be used for reference to contact students who might need to have a traditional counselor page completed.
  • The "Applicant Status" link provides a list of all students who have applied to Penn State, regardless of the type (web or paper) of application. This interactive list provides up-to-date information for each student.
  • The "Graduation Verification" link lists current seniors or students who recently attended your school for whom we have not yet received graduation verification. Selecting a student on this interactive list prompts the counselor with a series of questions to verify that the student has graduated from high school or to update the student's record.

In addition, full partners have access to complete the information needed for the student’s evaluation. By clicking on the student's name, several questions will be displayed for the counselor to answer. We will ask for the weighted or unweighted grade point average, the weighted or unweighted class rank, the date the applicant entered your school, and anticipated graduation date. Counselors can also tell us about about any special circumstances affecting the student that are important to the evaluation of his/her application.

Once the student’s credentials have been submitted, a personalized fax cover sheet is printed by the counselor. The cover sheet and transcript are then faxed to a dedicated fax and there is no need to follow up with a transcript via U.S. Mail.

What about students who apply using a paper application?

Penn State prefers that students submit web applications. Should a student complete the paper application, the counselor information page must be completed using the traditional paper format. The student should provide the counselor with the paper counselor page; a transcript and the counselor information page must be mailed to Undergraduate Admissions. The fax line may not be used for submitting data for paper applicants.

Do all counselors need to participate?

We hope that all counselors and staff responsible for students’ college applications will use this system. We expect that full electronic partners will use this system to submit student data. Before deciding whether to become a full partner, you should determine if this will work for all staff.

How are counselors trained?

Each participating Pennsylvania school has a local Penn State campus representative who will act as the contact person for training and troubleshooting. Out-of-state schools will work with the admissions counselor for that geographic area.

Whom should I contact if I have questions?

As you begin to consider whether your school should participate, please feel free to contact us at DASE@psu.edu with any questions you may have. We will be happy to answer your questions and to help you decide if this will work for your school, students and counselors.

Our school wants to be an Electronic Partner. How do we get started?

If your school is ready to become a Penn State Electronic Partner, please go to the online Electronic Partner request form.