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With 160+ majors, $800 million spent annually in research, and one of the nation's best career services office, the academic, internship, and research opportunities at Penn State are nearly endless!


Juggling Life in College
While college can be a fun and exciting time, it’s also a time when you do a lot of growing up. Part of the experience of maturing in college is balancing everything that comes your way. First things first, you always have to put your academics first. Think about it; you’re in college to learn, […]
Post-Grad Life: NUTmobile Edition
Colin Lester graduated Penn State as a public relations major last May. Since then, he’s been on the ride of his life- with the Planters NUTmobile! He travels the country in a large peanut shaped vehicle, stopping and making media appearances. The job lasts for one year and he gets to travel with two other […]
Major Change isn’t such a Major Change
I came into college knowing I had absolutely everything planned out. I was going to graduate in 4 years (or less) with a degree in Advertising and a minor or two. I’d move on to work an amazing job right after graduation. My freshman year consisted of almost all communications classes sprinkled by a couple […]

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College isn't all about what happens in the classroom and with 1,200+ clubs & orgs, Penn State's got a LOT to offer.



A Big Transition to a Big Ten School
So now that you’ve decided on Penn State, or even if you haven’t made up your mind yet, there is one thing you’ve probably thought about: You’re about to move out of your house, leave your family and friends, and walk into a whole new environment. If that sounds terrifying to you, don’t worry because […]
College of Education Student Council
If you’re an education major, there are plenty of ways to get involved. One of them is the College of Education Student Council. Shannon Walker is a freshman elementary education major and she is a member of the Student Council. She answered a few questions about the group and her choice of major: How did you […]
Get Involved to Find your People
“Penn State is a large university.” That’s probably a comment that you will hear every time you tell someone that you go to Penn State. Get used to it because it will never end. Although there are forty thousand humans surrounding you, it can get a little lonely sometimes. The best way to prevent that […]

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Why I love Penn State

The Penn State community is bursting with Blue & White pride. Check out why we love being a part of the Penn State family. We Are!



Pride Week at Penn State
Happy Pride Week! Pride Week is a whole week at Penn State dedicated to celebrating and creating awareness about the LGBTQA community. It is organized by the school’s LGBTQA Student Resource Center. This year’s Pride Week includes a HUB takeover, rally at Old Main, and a pride march. Special guest Angelica Ross, a transgender actress […]
My Penn State Decision
My name is Lauren Goodyear and I’m a junior public relations and psychology double major, and am involved in lots of clubs and organizations on campus. I’m mainly involved with The Penn State Thespians and No Refund Theatre. I am also a writer for Her Campus Penn State. I’ve been really involved with THON the […]
Let’s Chat! Well, Snapchat.
So I’m pretty sure that almost every person in America between the ages of 16 — 24 uses Snapchat in some way. I’m not gonna lie, its kind of a big deal here also. I can remember when Snapchat was just starting to become mainstream. It was my freshman year of college and I had […]