The Pennsylvania State University Alumni Admissions Volunteer Program

Recruitment Activities

  1. College Fairs
  2. LionsROAR
  3. Prospect Receptions
  4. Offer Receptions
  5. High School Visits
  6. Student Send-Offs

College Fair Table

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Table Set-Up | Before the Fair | During the Fair
After the Fair

Penn State uses a uniform look for our college fair tables.  The Penn State Facts brochure, student information cards, and the new Penn State map poster will be used on all out-of-state college fair tables.  Schreyer Honors College and six-year premed brochures will be displayed in the back corner or held behind the table and only shared with students upon request.  These two items are not for "grab and go."

As you plan to order materials for the next recruitment cycle, you will only need to order a few Viewbooks and Majors brochures. Using the same brochures at every college fair will allow Undergraduate Admissions to implement a planned sequence of follow-up communications with prospective students.  For example, students who attend college fairs will receive a personalized letter and Viewbook after the fair; a Majors Brochure if they express interest in academic areas; and scholarship information upon request.