Becoming an Electronic Partner   
  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a Penn State Electronic Partner school. Through this partnership, you will be able to submit student credentials over the Internet and have access to information about applicants from your school.

    Becoming an Electronic Partner is a three-step process.

    1. Complete the form below. Once we receive this information, a member of the Penn State Admissions staff will contact you to answer any questions you may have and to collect a little more information, including who should represent your school as the Primary Contact (PC). You will also need to decide the level participation at which your school wishes to be an electronic partner on the form below.
    2. If your school wants to become a full electronic partner, i.e. submit student credentials and send transcripts electronically, the designated PC at your school will complete a school grading system profile online. This gives us the information needed to evaluate all of the applicants from your school. It is similar to the current paper counselor form. For Electronic Partners, however, we collect this information only once each academic year. The PC will fax to us a copy of the school's formal profile. This is the profile that might be handed out to a family or sent with a college application.
    3. If your school wishes to be a limited partner and only have access to application status and/or submit graduation verification, then only contact information will need to be collected for your school.

    At each stage of the process, we will communicate with the school via e-mail. Once the school is approved as an Electronic Partner, instructions will be provided on establishing individual counselor accounts and on the use of the system.

    To get started, please complete all of the information requested below. The submitter named below will receive an e-mail confirmation of this request.

    If your school is not listed, then your school already is an electronic partner with Penn State. Please email with your school name, address, and CEEB code.

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