ALERT (Nov. 25, 2015) Due to technical issues, we have been unable to receive FAX transmissions from our web counselor partners. We hope to resolve the issue by Monday, November 30, but please know that we will honor FAXed transcripts received through the day on Friday, December 4 as meeting the November 30 filing date. As a web counselor partner, the work that you do to assist students is critical to our success and we will do all that we can to quickly resolve the issue.

We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

Your web browser should be JavaScript enabled. Keep in mind that the speed of your Internet connection and the strength of your computer relate directly to the time it will take to complete any forms in this system.

Click Training Video to see a demonstration of the Web Counselor System.

To request that your school become an electronic partner with Penn State, click here

If your school is not listed, then your school already is an electronic partner with Penn State. Please email admissions@psu.edu with your school name and CEEB code.
Login with your Friends of Penn State userid and password.

Your password is case sensitive, so please remember which letters are uppercase and lowercase.

This service currently provides:

  • ID accounts for each high school guidance counselor
    • Full Electronic Partners
      • Upload or fax high school transcripts, alleviating the need for postage
      • Yearly, one-time submission of high school profile to Penn State, which is then kept on file for all students from that school
      • Online submission of g.p.a.'s, class rank, and other information on each web applicant from that school
      • Status Check for all students
      • Graduation Verification for all students
    • Limited Electronic Partners
      • Status Check for all students
      • Graduation Verification for all students

For more information about the Web Counselor System, please contact:

Undergraduate Admissions
Penn State University
201 Shields Building
University Park, PA 16802