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Note to Current Students: Credits are transferred; grades are not. The credits transferred from another school do not affect a student's grade-point average. Transfer credits are part of a student's academic history and the college in which the student is enrolled will determine how transfer credits will be used to meet graduation requirements. All advanced placement or transfer credits placed on the Penn State transcript will count towards the total number of credits a student has accumulated. Please be advised that a student's tuition will increase as soon as the Penn State transcript reflects 59.1 cumulative credits. This tuition increase will occur during the semester the credits are transferred.

A $25 processing fee will be posted to your student account once an official college transcript is received and credits are processed on your record in LionPATH. Please note that the $25 fee will be assessed per transcript received regardless of whether transfer credit is earned. A fee will not be assessed for test credits, military experience, or for dual enrollment credits. The fee will be added to your bill and is payable to the Bursar's Office.

For more information click on the following link:
Office of the Bursar: Tuition Assessment.

Current Students Wishing to Take Summer Courses in China

Courses taken in programs in China that are not part of the regular degree-granting curriculum will not be considered for transfer credit.

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