Undergraduate Admissions

Student Aid at Penn State

Types of Aid
More than 75 percent of Penn State students receive some type of financial aid. Types of aid offered include loans, grants work study and scholarships. The majority of Penn State students use loans to finance their education. Please visit the Office of Student Aid for more information on the types of loans available to students and parents.

In addition to federal, state and Penn State financial aid programs, students should explore private scholarship opportunities within their schools and communities. Please visit our scholarship page [link] for more information.

Applying for Aid
To be considered for student aid, all Penn State students must complete the U.S. Department of Education Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  • Before completing the FAFSA, you and your parent (if applicable) will need a Federal Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN will allow you to electronically sign the FAFSA on the Web. You can register for a PIN at the Federal PIN website.
  • We recommend that you submit your FAFSA by March 1. You may submit it after March 1, but completing the FAFSA early ensures your results reach Penn State in time for full consideration of all aid programs. Students who apply by March 1st will receive their student financial aid award notification in mid-to-late March.

Complete your federal income tax return(s) for you and your parents (if applicable) before submitting the FAFSA.

If necessary, use estimated tax information to complete the FAFSA by the recommended completion date of March 1.

For More Information
Please visit the Office of Student Aid for more information about financial aid at Penn State.